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Homes are selected for break-ins because they appear to be unoccupied. With iOmy's smart devices you can automate your lights to appear as though you are home, even while you’re away, view security camera's and even control devices. Home automation plays a crucial role in stopping criminals in their tracks, for example flooding a home’s perimeter with light. Or turning on the lounge room lights and TV. You can give the impression someone is at home when they’re not. Motion sensors can detect movement and turn on your smart lighting and other smart devices during times specified by you, giving you piece of mind while you're away.

Security Camera's can be used to view live and recorded images and video of the home, or notify you so that you know the kids have arrived home safe. Deter break-in, make your home appear occupied. Grab a lights package today. See the kids are home with IP Camers to view alerts, and get update, grab a security package. Make your own smart appliance with a Zigbee, appliance pack and have a world of security devices available to remotely control from anywhere.


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