Security Has Never Been Smarter

by Lee Welburn

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 9:00am

Whether you own a home or business, or you’re renting one, a reliable home security system has probably crossed your mind, and with good reason. Home security is important, and in some cases necessary, to protect valuable goods as well as one’s personal safety. In some residential and industrial areas, crime rates make it hard for homes and businesses to rest easy, but it doesn’t need to be that way if there’s a solid home security system protecting you.

In the past, home security in the form of varied security systems offering a number of protective options from back-to-base alarms to surveillance camera technology, were not really accessible to the common consumer. The high cost of the technology and the difficulties associated with installation meant that, for most people, it simply wasn’t worth it. Now, times have changed for security systems. Not only has the humble home security camera become much more affordable, but the average system is considerably simpler to set up, meaning most people can easily do it themselves.

Home Security and Home Automation

The real game changer for security systems in the last few years has been the rising tide of home automation. As smart home technology has become more developed, and more available to consumers at all price points, so too have these systems become increasingly functional and impressive. The benefits to the customer of pairing a suitable home security system with the technology of home automation are clear. Bringing the two together allows the security conscious person to monitor live feeds from their surveillance cameras direct from their phones. They can capture screenshots of potential threats and even call law enforcement when they’re away from home. Home automation is all about linking a net of devices, sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things. Even if a home security camera, or two, is where you start from, when you choose a smart system you can add other elements. Imagine being able to activate a surveillance camera with a motion sensor, get a notification on your phone, capture a screenshot, turn on a spotlight and identify the intruder all in just a few seconds. It isn’t just the future of home security, it’s the future of safety.

Nanny Cams and Kid Cams

For those with children at home, particularly young kids, that little home security camera can be even more valuable. Low-profile cameras placed at key points throughout the home can help to keep an eye on your children so you can make sure they aren’t getting into any trouble or putting themselves in danger. You can do the same with a small surveillance camera to monitor your babysitter or nanny, just so you can know your child is sticking to their routine, and that nothing is amiss. For some parents, this technology has never been available at an accessible price, or on a system that allows easy installation by the average layman, but that is definitely not the case now.

The iOmy System

Whether you’re looking for security systems as stand-alone technology, or you want both security and automation, iOmy is the logical place to start. Their simple app allows users to set up home automation systems, which might include anything from cameras to lighting, easily and without the help of a professional. From the app, all connected smart devices in a home can be easily controlled, meaning all monitoring happens from the same place. One open-source, accessible application that will change the way you see home security and home automation. Don’t make your security more complicated or expensive than it needs to be. Just choose iOmy.

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