A Smart Home Begins With Smart Plugs

by Lee Welburn

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 9:00am

From the outside, home automation can feel like an unwieldy and expensive system to bring to your home. In the past this probably was somewhat true, particularly the home automation Australia had access to. Now however, the realm of automation is not only highly accessible, but also affordable and it can start with the simplest of things. For most consumers, the journey into a smart home begins with smart plugs.

Why Start with Smart Plugs?

Of all the tools in the smart home repertoire, plugs represent a good place to start. The smart plug allows consumers to turn any of their appliances into smart appliances that can be controlled and monitored using a phone. Their applications are incredibly varied, but the plugs offer a relatively entry point in terms of price for those wanting to give home automation a try. One of the biggest selling point of the plugs is that they give smart home lovers the ability to gain the benefits of smart appliances without the up-front cost of that updated technology. Smart appliances are often priced well above their traditional peers, but in many cases smart plugs bridge that gap of functionality with ease.

Potential Uses for Smart Plugs

Getting the most out of your smart plugs really comes down to being creative in how you choose to implement them. The smart home is a creative endeavour at heart, and it’s always interesting to see how home automation is used by people in Australia and abroad. All things considered, smart plugs are probably one of the most flexible home automation tools. They can be used to remotely check appliances to ensure they’re turned off, or turn them on. You can use the plugs to automate Christmas lights, as a security feature (i.e. turning lights on and off when you’re on holiday as a deterrent against theft), and even to limit screen time for your children.

Smart plugs also monitor electricity use, which makes them a must have for those wanting to be more energy efficient. With plugs like the Zigbee, available on iOmy, you can assess how much standby power appliances are using, or simply set it so with a few taps on your phone all your appliances can be switched off standby remotely, saving you considerably on your electricity bills.

Zigbee Smart Plugs

When it comes to home automation Australia isn’t always the cheapest place to build a smart home system. There are a few reasons for that, but the good news is that iOmy is dedicated to bringing smart home technology to Australians at better prices. The smart plugs are a great example of this. In the iOmy store you’ll find the Zigbee plug, an affordable smart plug that offers consumption information and the ability to control any connected appliance in your home. With the integrated iOmy system, a number of plugs can be interconnected and monitored from the same place – the user-friendly iOmy app – making it easy to build really useful functionality into your home. As well as being sold individually, iOmy also sells the Zigbee plugs in packs and as part of an appliance kit.

To get started with home automation Australia doesn’t need to think big or spend big. Accessing vastly improved functionality for traditional appliances and being in total control in your home is something you can start small with just a few plugs and the iOmy system. The benefits for home occupiers are varied, depending on how you choose to use the smart plugs and the other home automation tools available to you, but the potential is there and just waiting to be unlocked.

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