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Once consumers start to really look into home automation, they are often surprised at just how many different products are available in that market, sometimes referred to as the internet of things. As well as the examples we’ve already looked at in terms of smart lighting and smart home products, the internet of things can include set top boxes, thermostats, locks, speakers, pet feeders, cars, fridges, and a wide variety of other appliances. Some products have the capacity for home automation built-in, while others can be made into smart products with the addition of smart plugs. In the world of home automation, all of these things work together.

Design your smart home to be as individual as you are. Decide what you want to happen and when you want it to occur and iOmy will do the rest. Whether you purchase smart appliances or you use smart plugs to control and manage standard appliances, you can set up and manage them all with iOmy ... even when you're not at home. The applications are literally endless ...

  • Affordable smart plugs to turn your appliances into smart appliances allowing you to control and monitor.
  • Quality smart plug either Swan or direct from their OEM manufacturer.
  • Shows watts, voltage amps total use.
  • Use schedules to turn items on or off at preset times.
  • Check if you left the iron on
  • Zigbee HA 1.2
Control your appliances with Smart Plugs
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Finally - Smart plugs to smarten your home at an affordable price - Tested on iOmy to control your appliances in your smart home.

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