Welcome to iOmy

by Lee Welburn

Posted on October 01, 2017 at 6:00pm

We are excited to have made our new website and webshop live and are in the final stages of the latest version of the iOmy Android App.

  • iOmy is fully open source and free with no hidden extra's or subscriptions.
  • iOmy turns a set top box or even your old phone or tablet into a powerful IoT hub.
  • iOmy app works on Android devices from 4.X.X up.
  • iOmy can be accessed from any device with a modern browser.
  • iOmy supports a growing list of devices be it zigbee, bluetooth or wifi.

With iOmy you could be up and running in minutes using your exisiting IoT devices without having to purchase anything.

Of are in need of devices be sure to check out our webshop for lightbulbs, smart plugs, camera's and Set top Box kits to suit many applications, buying from the shop helps the development of iOmy.

Check the road map to see what is around the corner, jump on to twitter or our facebook page and let us know what new features or device support you want added next.

Of course if you are new to IoT but are worried about giving all your sensitive data to large companies or worried about their security, iOmy is here.

Check the how to video's to see how simple it is to set up up.

If you like to tinker under the hood check out the source code at iOmy's git project. Have a need that requires a custom solution we would love to hear from you. Capsicum the company behind iOmy have years of experience in this space.

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