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Smart Colour Lighting

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For Smart Lighting In Your Home

Like many countries around the world, the home automation that Australia is looking for is one which makes life just a little bit easier for everyone. Smart lighting, certainly among the first in the smart home products made available in the booming home automation market, is a key part of this. With smart lighting the average home becomes that much smarter! Consumers can control light switches direct from their phone, or using motion sensors, to ensuring they never fumble for a light switch again. Some smart lighting products can be programmed to shine in different colours, and there’s even smart lighting that can set off when someone walks into a room, or dim when no movement is apparent. These smart lighting products are products of a smarter future, available right now, and smart lighting is just the beginning of the exciting home automation Australia has at its fingertips.

Create the ideal mood for every situation with smart lighting in your iOmy smart home. Whether its adjusting the lighting in sync with your movements and routines in the home or enjoying preset lighting settings to suit the situation, iOmy has the answers. These are great value and, being bluetooth, they just work out of the box, as Bluetooth is standard on Android devices use a spare phone or tablet as your iOmy hub and you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Affordable Smart Bulb Guaranteed to color your world
  • Bluetooth globes with Qualcomm's CSR Mesh so you can use them right through your house.
  • Average life 30000 hours
  • 16.8 million color LED with super bright daylight mode, and only uses 6.5watts for a massive 600Lm a color temperature of 3000K/5500k + RGB.
  • Available in bayonet B22 or Edison Screw E27
Smart Colour Lighting
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Finally - Smart bulbs guaranteed to work at an affordable price - Tested on iOmy for controlled lighting in your smart home

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