IOT Home Security Primer

by iOmy

Posted on October 01, 2017 at 6:00pm

IoT Home Security

As the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies mature and become more integrated with home-based appliances and devices, home automation becomes a reality that is within everyone's reach. From entertainment systems that could be remotely programmed to complex smart home security systems that allow you to control virtually everything from the locks to the lights wherever you are, the Internet of things is set to revolutionise how we do things in our homes.

For this article, the purpose is to explore the application of the internet of things in home automation security systems, such as the iOmy automation and monitoring platform. Research shows that ease of accessibility is the major reason burglars target a home. Fortunately, With IoT home security, you should expect a massive drop in the number of burglaries.

That said, let's look at some of the changes we expect to see as the Internet of things continues to evolve.

Cheaper Home Security Systems

This is revolutionary, and it is already beginning to happen. Not so long ago, you had to spend a lot of money for a proper security system. In fact, the days when you have to incur huge bills every month for home security are quickly fading away. The cost of hosting an IP Camera, such as Fosvision 360 IP Camera, is rapidly falling while a new range of opportunities is starting to emerge.

Namely, you will no longer need some kind of server to store your camera data. All the data will be stored in the cloud, making it easier and cheaper to maintain your home security.

Improve Home Control

One of the most remarkable changes that the internet of things has brought to homes is the ability to control your home from wherever you are. With IoT-powered home automation, you can adjust the temperature, switch off the lights, lock the doors, and even turn on the T.V. while you are away.

One of the most significant security benefits of this technology is that you can easily know when anything is removed. If your home is broken into, for instance, and the burglar unplugs your T.V. suddenly, you may receive a message on your phone, informing you that someone has unplugged the T.V.

You can program such types of messages so you can receive information about anything. You can also have security devices that allow you control over your alarm. With that, you can check your IP camera and see if there is anyone in your house and then sound the alarm should there be a need.T he Internet of things provides affordable endless possibilities as far as smart home security systems are concerned.

Affordable Surveillance

As security systems get more advanced the cost becomes increasingly cheaper. In the last few years, companies had to employ security guards to constantly keep watch. Today, however, companies are investing in security-devices that are designed to alert a security service provider whenever there is a suspicious activity in your premises. The security service provider can then decide on the right course of action.

The most significant benefit of this technology is that it minimises costs as well as false alarms. As security service providers continue to develop better surveillance technology, you will start to see a massive drop in price as they're able to serve more customers. This also means that even an ordinary home owner will be able to afford those security devices.

IoT Products for Smart-Home Security

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home with a home automation security system, or you just want to know what Internet of things driven home security can do, here are some great Internet of things security products to inspire you:

  • Remote Smart Locks – The Internet of Things has contributed greatly to the transformation of smart locks. Today, smart locks allow you to unlock your home from any part of the world using a smartphone. You don't have to be physically present to operate them. And thanks to comprehensive apps such as iOmy, which will help you control all of your security-devices from your smart phone or tablet and make it easier to secure your home remotely.
  • Smart Garage Doors – Smart garage doors are one of the most popular Internet of things home security devices for home owners. Today, many garage door companies sell garage door openers that are integrated with smart apps. This means that you can close your garage door from anywhere with your smart phone. If you have children who normally come and go through the garage, this can be a great investment for you.
  • Mind-Controlled Robots – In the world of smart home security, innovators have created fascinating ways that robots can help you keep an eye on your home when you are away. Robert Oschler, a renowned innovator, created a toy robot that can react to his brain's directions and act as his ears and eyes while he is away from home. He can even speak through a mic on the robot, which can be helpful if the robot encounters intruders.

Bottom Line

With the advancement of the Internet of things, it is now easier than ever for you to set up a smart home in which you can remotely control your lights, door locks, temperature, vacuums, lawnmowers, etc., using a smart app on your smartphone. It has also made it easier to watch over your home from virtually every part of the globe. The good thing about a Internet of things home security system is that they are normally highly customisable, and you can easily adapt them to your specific needs.

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