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Motion Sensors To Alert You of Changes

Control from your smart phone.
Affordable Motion Sensors to help protect you and your family, tested on iOmy.

Motion sensors have been around for a long time, from straightforward sensors that just detect motion to more advanced models that add temperature sensing and even humidity, light, ultraviolet, and vibration readings to the mix.
They not just useful for security applications, they can be used to automate your home such as the bathroom light turns on at 10 percent brightness when the kids get up in the middle of the night.
They are battery powered and Zigbee wireless so there are no cords or complicated installation, You can place them literally anywhere.

  • Combine with some globes to automate lighting around the home.
  • Combine with an IP camera to view live footage.
  • Combine with smart plugs to control appliances.
  • The possibilities for automation are endless it's your home your way. Start your smart home today.

  • Grab a 3 pack today!
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Finally - Motion Sensors guaranteed to work at an affordable price - Tested on iOmy for controlled surveillance and convenience in your smart home

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