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There’s little doubt that we are living in some exciting times, not just in a global sense but right here at home in Australia. Technology is on the move, and for everyday Australians that means more technological additions to our lives. One in particular that is worth talking about is that of home automation, the process by which any home can be made into a ‘smart home’, improving the experience for those who live there. So, what do Australians need to know about home automation, and why is it home automation Australia is getting excited for?

iOmy - It’s all about making smarter homes. You'll have the flexibility to connect, control and monitor your smart devices. Better yet it's 100% open-source end-to-end. It allows you to control your smart devices from a simple screen with simple navigation. It means you'll never be locked into anything - no hidden subscriptions, no proprietary clouds and all data and access is in your control. It’s really simple – You can get a smarter home straight away.

We’ll show you how to easy it is to use iOmy.


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There’s Already A Wide Selection of Smart Home Products

Along with smart lighting there are an enormous range of other smart home products that Australian shoppers can add to their homes today. These smart home products include smart plugs, surveillance cameras and home security systems, motion sensors, cameras, and more. Of course, these smart home products are just the beginning. As more and more technological advancements are made in the realm of home automation, even more products will become available, making life that much easier for Australians

Our Open-source free application currently supports the following:


iOmy is the universal smart home automation hub for connecting, monitoring & controlling all your smart devices.

Connecting home automation devices to iOmy has been made easy with our user friendly interface allowing you to control your connected smart devices from any smart phone or home computer.

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Global Custom iOT SOLUTIONS

If you have a unique application for iOT automation for your business or industry, talk with iOmy developers - Capsicum. They'll have the answers you are looking for ...

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